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Samsung Galaxy S III owners to get 50GB of free Dropbox storage

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Samsung has announced that it is giving 50GB of free Dropbox space to people who register one of its new Samsung Galaxy S III smartphones. The offer will be good for two years.

Samsung Galaxy S III Dropbox
Samsung Galaxy S III Dropbox

HTC One customers aren't the only people getting free Dropbox space to sweeten their smartphone purchase. Samsung has announced that anyone who buys and registers a Galaxy S III will have their Dropbox accounts expanded to 50GB for two years. We're not sure whether buyers will see any special deals after that, but it's a good offer at least for the length of the standard smartphone contract.

What does make this slightly odd is that with Google Drive out, one of the best-known new Android phones is essentially coming bundled with a competitor's service. If the free storage trend keeps up, we'll have to see if Dropbox continues to be the tool of choice.