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Samsung announces scan-and-match for its Music Hub subscription service

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At an event today in London, Samsung announced Music Hub, a music store with over 17 million songs and the ability to scan-and-match your current library to make it accessible on the go.

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At an event today in London, Samsung announced a scan-and-match feature for its existing Music Hub subscription service. Music Hub's scan-and-match feature should work like iTunes Match, which scans your hard drive for songs present in its cloud library. Any songs it matches are made accessible to you from the cloud. In comparison, Spotify does scan-and-match in a less formal way; you just drop your iTunes music library into a playlist then sync it with Spotify. This playlist is then visible from anywhere you have Spotify.

Music Hub, which contains over 17 million tracks, works with any Samsung Galaxy S II or later, Smart TV, Galaxy Tablet, Smart Blu-ray player, smart home theatre systems, and via the web on any computer. The service costs $9.99/month for access from one smartphone or tablet, and $12.99/month for access from up to four devices, plus via the web. It appears that the new scan-and-match feature will come at no additional cost, unlike iTunes Match, which costs $24.99/year.