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Samsung S Pebble MP3 player announced alongside Scan and Match music service

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Alongside the Galaxy S III, Samsung also announced a new S Pebble MP3 player.

Samsung S Pebble
Samsung S Pebble

Among the many new features and devices Samsung announced today in London, one stuck out as an oddity: a new S Pebble MP3 player. It's a separate device, and it's hard to tell what it really does or how it fits into Samsung's new product line — though it was announced right as the company also announced a Scan and Match feature for its Music Hub app, which will match songs in your collection. The Pebble seems a lot like the iPod shuffle — it has 4GB of storage, and Samsung says its battery lasts up to 17 hours. Instead of syncing to your computer, it works with your Galaxy S III, loading music directly from your phone. It's a clever accessory for when you're exercising, or generally doing anything that might be dangerous for your expensive, fragile smartphone. No word yet on pricing or availability, but it should come out alongside the phone throughout this summer.