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National Association of Broadcasters drops opposition to 'white space' internet

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The NAB has moved to dismiss a petition it filed against the FCC over allowing TV "white space" to be used for networking.

FCC KTS AWR white space spectrum device
FCC KTS AWR white space spectrum device

The US National Association of Broadcasters (NAB), one of the most powerful opponents of using unoccupied spectrum in TV networks or "white spaces" for communication networks, has apparently come to terms with the system. Today, the NAB filed a motion to dismiss its suit against the FCC, which decided several years ago to let so-called "super Wi-FI" networks using white space to go forward.

The NAB initially filed suit against the FCC in 2009, claiming that white space networks would interfere with TV service. Now, the group said that it has "determined that it is no longer necessary for it to pursue this petition for review." That might have something to do with the distinct lack of interference we've seen from the first US white space network, which was deployed in North Carolina early this year; hopefully the NAB has seen its fears laid to rest once and for all. Outside the US, Cambridge recently set up its own city-wide white space network, and Nokia is researching its use as well.