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EchoStar unveils world's slimmest DVR set-top box, UK pre-orders start now at £259.99

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EchoStar has unveiled what it touts as the world's slimmest DVR set-top box, which UK consumers can pre-order beginning May 4th.

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EchoStar Ultra Slim Box
EchoStar Ultra Slim Box

EchoStar has unveiled what it claims to be the world's slimmest DVR set-top box, measuring in at just over half an inch tall and weighing less than two pounds. That's particularly impressive when you realize what the company has managed to squeeze into the aptly-named Ultra Slim Box's aluminum chassis: the HDT-610R contains one 500GB hard drive, a pair of USB 2.0 ports, ethernet connectivity, and an HDMI video output. That capacious storage will net you up to 300 hours of standard definition recordings and a maximum of 150 hours if you're the type who only bothers watching in HD. Two channels can be recorded simultaneously thanks to the Ultra Slim Box's dual-tuner setup.

In terms of software, EchoStar has included support for Freeview+ HD subscription-free programming which — after a one-time payment — offers viewers 50 SD channels along with four that broadcast in high definition. Additional content partners include BBC iPlayer and BoxOffice365. There's no word on when or if US buyers can expect to add the HDT-610R to their home theater lineup, but UK customers can pre-order the DVR for £259.99 at select retailers including Amazon (which indicates a release date of May 31st), John Lewis, and Maplin.

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