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Samsung Galaxy S III coming to all four US national carriers, MetroPCS, US Cellular, and more?

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Samsung's information signup page for the Galaxy S III suggests that a wide variety of American carriers will receive the phone in the coming months.

Gallery Photo: Samsung Galaxy S III press pictures
Gallery Photo: Samsung Galaxy S III press pictures

Samsung's official US signup page for information on the Galaxy S III has a "carrier preference" list that may be tipping the company's hand: Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, MetroPCS, US Cellular, and C Spire are all listed. It's possible that this is nothing more than a scattershot list of random American carriers, but we'd doubt it — Cricket (and several others larger than C Spire) are notably absent, and Samsung has shown a penchant for bringing its Galaxy S series devices to as many carriers as possible. We've already heard from a reliable source that we'll be seeing it on Sprint; Verizon skipped the S II, but without a new Nexus phone exclusive on the immediate horizon, it seems far more likely that they'll be trained on the S III.

Samsung has said that the phone will be launching in the US next month, so we'll have an opportunity to verify this list in just a few weeks' time.