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Criticizing 'The Witcher 2': sailing against the wind of near-unanimous praise

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Witcher 2 hero
Witcher 2 hero

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings has a score of 88 on review-aggreggation website Metacritic, based on 70 positive, 6 mixed, and exactly zero negative appraisals. Grantland isn't one of those, but perhaps it should be — writer Tom Bissell has posted his experiences of the game's recent console release, and despite high expectations brought on by exultant PC gamers he was ultimately let down. The reasons range from cliched fantasy tropes taken straight out of Tolkien, uninspiring combat, and a lack of polished design that culminates in a baffling inventory system. More than anything, though, Bissell seems disappointed by the standards of fellow video game players today.

"What confuses me, I guess, is why so many look at this game and see a pinnacle rather than a careworn template fast-receding, to which we should be saying, 'Thanks, and good riddance.'"