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Apple Store now selling Nest Learning Thermostat for $249.95

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Apple has begun selling the Nest Learning Thermostat through its online retail store.

nest 1020 2
nest 1020 2

It turns out the rumors were true: Apple has begun selling the Nest Learning Thermostat in its online store for $249.95. It's the second large retail expansion for Nest in the past 24 hours, with the company announcing Canadian availability of the next-gen thermostat just yesterday. Apple is offering the device for $249.95 in the US — Nest charges $249 on its own site — while installation is available through trained professionals. Despite the Canadian launch, Apple is not currently stocking Nest at its online store in Canada.

Though the move might seem somewhat outside of Apple's usual purview, the two companies are on many levels a natural match. Both have a pronounced emphasis on design and usability in their respective products, and Nest creator Tony Fadell was one of the individuals behind the iPod and the original iPhone (he had some particularly interesting insights about the latter device when he stopped by a recent episode of On The Verge). Integration with the Nest Mobile app for both Android and iOS is also a key part of the system's functionality. If you'd like to pick up one of the thermostats for yourself, they're available now.