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Logitech’s solar-powered K760 keyboard pairs with up to three devices simultaneously

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Logitech has announced a new wireless keyboard that will let you swap between paired devices on the fly.

Lenovo K760
Lenovo K760

Logitech is announcing the Wireless Solar Keyboard K760 — the name says it all, really. It's the successor to the K750, and ditches batteries in favor of the sun's rejuvenating rays. While its predecessor was targeted at Windows PCs, the K760's stark white color scheme and dedicated command and option keys make it decidedly Mac-focused. The K760 can also be paired with up to three different devices via Bluetooth; tapping the shortcut keys on the function row switches between paired gadgets. The K760 will reportedly keep chugging eight hours a day for up to three months between charges, though we've no way of testing that claim until the keyboard goes on sale in June. It also bears a rather strong resemblance to official Apple wares, which could make the choice to a bit easier for the style-conscious. If you're sick of swapping out batteries and believe imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, the K760 will set you back $79.99.