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Nokia Lumia 900 Batman edition on sale June 1st in the UK for £599.99

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Phones4U is now taking preorders for the limited edition Nokia Lumia 900 Batman edition, with a release date of June 1st.

Nokia Lumia 900 batman
Nokia Lumia 900 batman

We knew Nokia's limited edition Lumia 900 handset was heading to the UK soon, but Phones4U is now taking pre-orders with an expected delivery date of June 1st. The branded Lumia 900, complete with a Batman logo laser-etched into its body, will go on sale for £599.99 SIM-free or on a variety of 24-month contracts starting at £31 per month. There's little different between the batphone edition and an ordinary Lumia 900, but Nokia has opted to include an exclusive Dark Knight Rises app and black and grey theme.

Nokia tells us that the Lumia 900 Batman edition will be manufactured in limited numbers and available for sale in selected countries only. Some countries will only receive a small amount of units and will therefore use them for promotional purposes. As a result, we expect the Lumia 900 batphone to be almost as elusive as Nokia's previous Lumia 800 Batman edition.