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BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.1 beta due end of May, says RIM

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RIM says it plans to release a developer beta of its PlayBook OS 2.1 by the end of May.

PlayBook 2.0 hero2 (1024px)
PlayBook 2.0 hero2 (1024px)

RIM's PlayBook product manager, Michael Clewley, has revealed that the company plans to release a beta version of its 2.1 Playbook OS by the end of May. Replying to comments on Twitter, Clewley makes it clear the 2.1 beta will be available to developers in the next couple of days, stating: "I've said end of may."

RIM has reportedly been testing 2.1 builds of its PlayBook OS update for a while now, but no solid details have emerged about what the update will contain. RIM's PlayBook OS 2.0 update was a rather large one for the company's tablet, adding a native email client and the ability to run Android apps. Clewley has also tweeted that details on 2.1 will be "answered in the blog post when it's available" so it shouldn't be too long until we know more.