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Orkut members now able to link profiles, share posts with Google+

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Orkut members now have the ability to link their profile to a Google+ account and quickly share content to Google's primary social network.

orkut iphone
orkut iphone

Users of Orkut, Google's other social network, now have the option of linking the service to a Google+ account. The company's blog says that once members opt to connect the two profiles, their Google+ user photo and name will be displayed across both sites. From there, they can choose to have all public Google+ updates mirrored on Orkut. Note that the same doesn't apply to posts targeted at specific circles, which won't be shared to Orkut and remain visible only to your designated audience on Google+. For now, this linking process is completely optional and the two networks will remain separated if users choose not to partake.

Though Orkut has largely failed to gain traction in the United States, the service has fared better overseas. In Brazil, for instance, Orkut had long been the country's most popular social destination before Facebook surged past it in January. With the competition showing no signs of letting up, Google apparently views consolidation as the best approach to building out its Google+ user base.