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Quadcopter prototype provides wireless charging for sensors in remote locations

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A team at the NIMBUS Lab in Nebraska have created a quadcopter prototype that can wirelessly charge small electronics.

NIMBUS Lab quadcopter
NIMBUS Lab quadcopter

Researchers in Nebraska are developing a new use for quadcopters by turning them into a portable power source. The NIMBUS Lab has developed a prototype that uses a process called coupled magnetic resonance to transfer energy between two coils — one on the copter, and the other on whatever it is that needs charging. Right now the prototype can provide about five watts of power from 25 centimeters away, which is enough to power an LED bulb. Eventually the process could give unmanned aerial vehicles the ability to recharge the batteries of sensors found in remote locations, such as underwater or underneath a bridge. If nothing else, it's certainly a better use of a quadcopter than nearly hitting the drummer of The Roots.