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Microsoft launches US government-focused version of Office 365

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Microsot has launched a new version of Office 365 aimed specifically at the US government.

Microsoft Logo 3 (Verge Stock)
Microsoft Logo 3 (Verge Stock)

Microsoft has created a new version of its online productivity suite Office 365 specifically for customers in the US government. Office 365 for Government includes the same services as the regular version — including Exchange Online and Office Professional Plus — but differs by storing data in what Microsoft calls a "segregated community cloud." As with Google, Microsoft is also touting the security of its cloud service, and today announced that Office 365 supports a number of security standards including ISO 27001, SAS70 Type II, EU Safe Harbor, the US Federal Information Security Management Act, and many more. Meanwhile, the government version is expected to support IPv6 by September, and Microsoft says it will eventually support Criminal Justice Information Security policies as well. Office 365 for Government is available now.