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Flipboard for Android beta APK is now available to download

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Flipboard for Android's beta APK was just released for download.

Flipboard Android
Flipboard Android

Flipboard has had a long and winding road on Android. First announced as an exclusive app for the Samsung Galaxy S III with wider availability planned for the "coming months," we've since seen the APK leak out via XDA-developers, receive an over-the-air update, and now the beta APK is finally officially available from Flipboard itself. Those who have signed up for the beta are receiving a link to download the APK now, while those who sign up now receive a message that they should get their download link within 24 hours. If you're interested in giving it a shot, you don't need to sign up — you can download the app right here. There's no word on when the app might show up in the Google Play store, but that shouldn't stop you from enjoying Flipboard for Android in its now-official beta form for the time being.

Thanks Shiva!