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Evernote Hello released for Android, introduces LinkedIn integration

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Evernote has released an Android version of Hello — its app for remembering new people — which includes LinkedIn integration that works in conjunction with the Android contact list.

Evernote Hello 2
Evernote Hello 2

Late last year Evernote released the iPhone version of Hello, its introduction app, and now the company has released an Android version with a couple of new features. Evernote Hello helps you remember and contextualize new people by entering their contact information and correlating as much relevant data as possible, such as calendar events. Now, Evernote Hello for Android can import data into your Android contact list and match email addresses with a person's LinkedIn profile, though the feature hasn't been extended to the iPhone yet. While the business world may not be ready to "say goodbye to business cards" like Evernote suggests, this new version of Hello is a convenient way to keep fresh introductions from slipping your mind.