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Samsung Galaxy S III with 2GB of RAM, Snapdragon S4 processor set for Canadian release on June 20th

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Samsung is announcing the Galaxy S III handset coming to Canada on June 20th will include 2GB of RAM.

Gallery Photo: Galaxy S III review gallery
Gallery Photo: Galaxy S III review gallery

We knew that the Galaxy S III was coming to Canadian carrier Videotron on June 20th, but now Samsung is announcing that not only will its Canadian phone have the same 2GB of RAM as its Japanese version, it will be coming to all of the country's major wireless providers, including Rogers, Bell, Telus, and Virgin Mobile. Preorders have already started at Rogers and Telus, the latter of which is offering the 16GB S III for $159.99 and the 32GB model for $209.99 with a three-year contract. In addition to the extra RAM, the Canadian phone will have LTE and a 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4, instead of the quad-core Exynos processor found in Samsung’s international model.

In other Galaxy S III news, Phandroid points out that this morning's Vodafone Australia live stream revealed the phone will be making its first US tour stop in New York on June 20th; adding more evidence to rumors that it will be released in the US on the same date.