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Watch this: SpaceX Dragon splashdown expected at 11:44AM ET

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The SpaceX Dragon is scheduled to finish its mission May 31st, decoupling from the International Space Station and splashing down into the Pacific Ocean — and it's all going to be broadcast live.

spaceX dragon release from ISS
spaceX dragon release from ISS

SpaceX's journey into orbit hasn't been the smoothest ride, but last week the Falcon 9 rocket finally blasted off, and a few days later the Dragon capsule successfully docked with the International Space Station. Now it's time for the Dragon to come back home, and of course it's all going to be broadcast live. The capsule's return is going to be covered in two different segments. First, NASA TV will cover the actual departure of the capsule from the ISS itself. The live coverage is set to begin May 31st at 3:30AM EDT (8:30AM BST), with the capsule not scheduled to be released from the space station until 6:30AM EDT.

The coverage will then shift to the capsule as it begins its deorbit and splashes back down to Earth. That phase is currently set to begin at 10:15AM EDT (3:15PM BST), with the capsule scheduled to reach the Pacific Ocean at 11:44AM EDT. However, NASA does caution that the splashdown will be happening hundreds of miles off the California coast, and live coverage of the actual moment may not be possible. Of course, as with most things SpaceX, events could change at the last minute, but otherwise you can watch the return for yourself below.

Update: Dragon was released from the ISS and expected to splashdown in the Pacific at 11:44AM ET. It landed successfully at 11:42AM ET at 27 degrees North latitude and 120 degrees West longitude.