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Google Translate for Android updated with Holo interface and Esperanto support

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Google has updated its Translate app for Android with a Holo theme

google translate android
google translate android

Google has updated its Translate app for Android to version 2.4. It's largely a visual overhaul, with a new simplified icon and Holo theme replacing the previous web-style color scheme. The interface has been redesigned, too, with larger buttons to activate handwriting and voice input now appearing at the bottom of the screen. Elsewhere, speech translation now works with a total of 17 languages, and for the first time on mobile there's Esperanto support for the more neutrally-inclined. From using it briefly, it looks like a pretty clear improvement all around — the app is both more attractive and simpler to navigate. Of course, Google's machine translation itself isn't without its issues, but it's good to see improvements to the software surrounding it.