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Reddit co-founder's rise to the top of the internet, in his own words

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Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian has taken to to pen his own account of how the site came into being.

reddit fia
reddit fia

Reddit now seems like an integral part of the internet's fabric, from making accidental Hollywood movies to spearheading the online drive against SOPA. Co-founder Alexis Ohanian has taken to to give his own account of how the site came into being, and it'll likely be a pretty compelling read for anyone who's ever considered starting a multi-million dollar website. Unbelievably, Ohanian reveals that there was friction over whether or not to include comments from the start — it's hard to imagine the site without them today, but it just goes to show that ideas don't always present themselves immediately.

We built Reddit in three weeks. It was just Web links and text submitted by users, with Interesting or Uninteresting buttons that you could click on underneath. Simple: That's all it was. After a contentious debate, we added Comments. We knew our business was in our user base, that that was the most important part.