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Lovefilm begins 1080p streaming in the UK and Germany

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Amazon's Lovefilm is matching NetFlix by adding new high-definition options to its Instant streaming service.

LG Lovefilm
LG Lovefilm

Amazon's Lovefilm is adding new high-definition options to its Instant streaming service. From today, Lovefilm will now stream 1080p movies to all customers that subscribe to an Instant package. In the UK, HD streaming will be available via Mac, PC, Xbox 360, and LG or Samsung Smart TVs. German residents will be limited to streaming on Mac or PCs — there's no support for Xbox 360 or Smart TVs yet. 1080p streaming is only available via PC or Mac for now, with Xbox 360 and Smart TVs maxing out at 720p. In order to stream HD content LoveFilm says you need a 4Mbps connection for 720p or 12Mbps for 1080p.

LoveFilm will gradually upgrade its catalogue "over the coming weeks and months" to support the new resolutions. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, Four Lions, Lost, and Planet Earth are all confirmed to be receiving the HD treatment. Jim Buckie, Managing Director of Lovefilm, says that the introduction of HD content "marks another key milestone in delivering our members the best possible service with exceptional value." The move brings Lovefilm's streams up to parity with NetFlix, which has offered 1080p streaming since its launch in the UK this January.