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Virgin Media's London Underground Wi-Fi service is now operational

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Virgin Media's London Underground Wi-Fi service is now operational, demonstrating that the company is on track to deliver it for the London Olympics.

The Underground_1020
The Underground_1020

Virgin Media appears to be ready to offer its London Underground Wi-Fi service shortly. A tweet from BBC journalist and presenter Rory Cellan-Jones today shows that the service is operational, but Virgin Media has not yet announced exact dates for a public service. The company plans to rollout the service in time for the Olympics and Paralympics in London this summer, offering hotspots in around 80 of the Tube's 270 stations.

The Wi-Fi service will only work on platforms, ticket offices, and escalators — with no access available while trains are moving between stations. Virgin Media is not planning to charge for the service initially when it goes live in July, but it has previously revealed it will be offered at a price to London commuters following the Olympics.