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ITV adds live streaming and AirPlay Mirroring to iOS app

The UK-only ITV Player iOS app now supports AirPlay Mirroring and the live streaming of ITV1 and ITV2.

itv player
itv player

The ITV Player iOS app has been updated to version 2.0 and now supports live streaming of ITV1 and ITV2 in the UK. The channels will stream over 3G or Wi-Fi, although on-demand content will still require Wi-Fi to play. In addition to ITV1 and ITV2 streams, the app will also offer access to live events broadcast on ITV3 and ITV4 through one-off streams. The app also now allows for AirPlay Mirroring of all content to other supported devices.

While wireless playback support is a feature sorely lacking from the iPlayer app, ITV Player's interface and playback quality isn't anywhere near as good as the BBC's effort. As ITV is a commercial network, you'll also be forced to watch an ad before you start viewing, as well as enduring the regular ad breaks not present on the Beeb's channels. ITV Player 2.0 is available now from the App Store for iOS devices with a UK account.