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Facebook adds scheduled posts and administrator roles for Pages

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Facebook Page users can now schedule posts and assign administrators one of five levels of access.

facebook logo 1020
facebook logo 1020

A pair of features has been added to Facebook Pages — the social network's service for businesses, organizations, and brands — to help users manage time and participant duties. Through the "Admin Roles" option from the Page's settings, managers can assign administrators one of five roles, each with different levels of access for updating pages, adding and removing posts and comments, viewing Insights, and more.


Additionally, those with appropriate Page access can schedule posts for a future time and date. By clicking the clock icon when adding a post, updates can be scheduled at least 10 minutes out, are limited to 15-minute intervals, and can be placed on the calender up to 6 months in advance. This particular feature has been available through third-party options like Hootsuite, but it's nice to know that something as simple as scheduling posts has been finally been built into the service.