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    Meshu maps Foursquare check-ins or other locations as jewelry

    Meshu maps Foursquare check-ins or other locations as jewelry


    Meshu allows users to map Foursquare check-in data and turn it into abstract jewelry.

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    As most internet users have probably learned right now, representations of data can be incredibly beautiful. Meshu, which has launched over the past couple of weeks, is hoping to parlay this into actual bodily adornment by building jewelry based on Foursquare location data. The pieces, made of wood, acrylic, metal, or nylon (laser-cut or 3D-printed, depending on material), represent locations — basically, you choose a zoom level, map out the points you want to use, and the underlying map is removed, leaving an abstract geometric design. This data can come from Foursquare check-ins, or it can be entered manually, although we found the built-in map a bit hit-or-miss.

    The finished pieces cost between $75 and $150, depending on type and material: you can choose from earrings, two sizes of necklace, or cuff links. It would be cool to see this expanded, but as it is, Meshu is a clever idea that points to just how integral sharing has become for many of us. Even if you're not using check-ins, the site encourages personal storytelling, suggesting you map your favorite restaurants or countries you'd like to visit and (admittedly somewhat obliquely) share them with the world. Data collection, it seems, has allowed for the creation of something that is both largely automated and entirely individual.