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Change your prescription on the fly with Eyejusters glasses

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Targeted at developing countries, Eyejusters allows wearers to alter their prescription without having to buy new glasses.

eyejusters glasses
eyejusters glasses

Dealing with prescription glasses can be a tedious and expensive process. Viewing habits, age, and a myriad of other culprits can alter your ability to see clearly, and the need to constantly upgrade equipment is anything but convenient. As an affordable alternative for developing countries, Eyejusters allows the wearer to make changes to their prescription without investing in new glasses by using a set of adjustable lenses. A removable thumb-dial moves the lenses to alter the power range, not unlike a focusing wheel on binoculars.

Not only do the glasses solve the problem of having to constantly purchase new lenses, it also means that a large shipment can be ordered for groups of people without the need for initial testing. In fact, the adjustable SlideLens technology can be used for eye exams without requiring an optometrist or expensive equipment, in which the resulting prescription can be sent out to order traditional glasses. Eyejusters are available for both near- and far-sighted individuals and the lenses can be unhinged for proper cleaning. Meanwhile, a retail version of the glasses called Adjustable Readers can be purchased in the US right now for $39.95.