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Twitter daily use on the rise as Lady Gaga hits 25 million followers

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A study from Pew finds that while overall Twitter usage is growing only slightly, daily use has doubled in the last year — a shift perhaps exemplified by Lady Gaga's breaking of the 25 million Twitter follower mark.

Twitter Swiped
Twitter Swiped

Microblogging service Twitter hit a new benchmark today, with one of its users hitting a whopping 25 million followers: Lady Gaga herself. It's just the latest sign of the service's ubiquity, a notion that was further bolstered by a set of recent findings from the Pew Internet and American Life Project. In a report released today, Pew found that overall usage of the service has seen a relatively modest uptick in the last year, with 15 percent of all US internet users using the service as of February of 2012, compared to 13 percent last May. The big change is in active use, however; while just four percent of US internet users took advantage of Twitter on a daily basis back in 2011, that number has now doubled to eight percent. Pew points to growing smartphone adoption — a large component of Twitter use — as a likely driver of the shift. As for Lady Gaga, as of this writing the singer's follower count now stands at 25,028,965, putting her comfortably ahead of her nearest competitors: Justin Bieber, with 22,605,328 followers, and Katy Perry, with 20,455,625.