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Ford Sync and State Farm partner for automatic usage-based discounts

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Ford and State Farm are working together to bring automatic usage-based insurance plans to "Sync" equipped vehicles.

Ford Sync with NPR
Ford Sync with NPR

Ford is working with State Farm to add all Sync-equipped vehicles to the insurance provider's list of Drive Safe and Save approved vehicles. Once a customer signs up for the program, they can run a Vehicle Health Report which will then relay miles-traveled to State Farm for potential discounts of "up to 40 percent." While Sync's automatic integration with State Farm will be limited to Utah for the time being, it intends to expand this support to other areas in the near future.

The Drive Safe and Save program is already available to non-Sync vehicles in select states, but monitoring data must be pulled from a OBD II diagnostic report. However, there are many states where usage-based insurance programs are illegal due to concerns that insurance companies might misuse customers' driving patterns for additional profit. State Farm has defended the practice by emphasizing that subscribers must first opt-in to usage-based policies.