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Sony SmartWatch update adds always-on watch face and performance tweaks

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Sony has released a new update to its SmartWatch, turning the face of the device into an always-on watch, as well as providing a number of stability and performance enhancements.

Gallery Photo: Sony SmartWatch Review images
Gallery Photo: Sony SmartWatch Review images

While we liked the concept of Sony' SmartWatch, we had a few issues with it when we took a look earlier this year. Sony is continuing to iterate upon the device, delivering a new software update with bug fixes and several new feature tweaks. Most importantly, the watch face is now always on, even if the device is in standby, immediately improving upon the "watch" portion of the SmartWatch. Sony has also added Endomondo's Sports Tracker app to the list of recommended applications, pushing the fitness angle of the device, while also delivering a number of speed and performance enhancements that will improve the music player and weather apps, as well as third-party software offerings. The update is available through a new version of the SmartWatch Android application, so if you're a SmartWatch owner and would like to start using the latest and greatest, head on over to the Google Play Store to get the process started.