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The new iPhone + iOS 6 Maps Mockups


Well this week we saw the "composite" image of the new iOS 6 Maps app, the blurrycam photos of the new iPhone, and with the WWDC 2012 app it seems that iOS 6 will make most UI elements silver like their counterparts on the iPad. Thought I'd make some mockups of the new iPhone running Safari and the supposed new Maps app just for fun. I couldn't find any high res C3 Tech images so I just used the OpenStreetMap maps that Apple currently uses in iPhoto. Enjoy!





UPDATE: Darker bezel on the black iPhone.

UPDATE 2: Added omnibox to Safari due to it's presence in Mountain Lion.

UPDATE 3: Added white angled shot.

UPDATE 4: Added black front shot.

UPDATE 5: Modified gradient of navigation bars and toolbar to match leaked images due to criticism from @chronic, others.