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Google Music adds 'Shared with me' playlist of your friends' songs

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Google Music now has a "shared with me" playlist that acts like an email inbox for songs shared on Google+. Users get a single listen of any song shared by their friends.

Google Music hands-on
Google Music hands-on

One of the main differentiators of Google Music is its sharing functionality: if a friend of yours shares a song on Google+, you get a free listen of the entire track. Now those tracks are being collected in a single place with the addition of an automatic playlist called "Shared with me." Google likens this feature to an email inbox, and that doesn't seem too far off the mark — there's a counter of songs that you haven't yet listened to, and those new tunes appear bolded in the playlist. Of course, there's also a link to buy the song directly if the single listen doesn't whet your appetite. The feature, like Google Music itself, is currently only available in the US.