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New $399 iPad 2 has improved battery life thanks to 32nm processor

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Anandtech reports that the $399 iPad 2 features a new 32nm processor that brings significant improvements in battery life.

ipad back_1020
ipad back_1020

We've already heard that the price-slashed $399 iPad 2 features a new 32nm A5 processor, and that it could theoretically lead to better battery life. Well, the test results are in from Anandtech, and it turns out that iPad 2 buyers will indeed be getting extended endurance from their new tablets... if they're lucky. Apple has begun shipping out models designated "iPad 2,4" with the new processors, but apparently they're rather thin on the ground right now, and there's no way to tell if you have one without turning the device on.

Still, if you do manage to snag a new unit you can reportedly expect battery life improvements of up to 15.8 percent when browsing the web, 29 percent while playing games like Infinity Blade 2, and 18 percent in video playback. Unless the A5's architecture itself has been altered, which seems unlikely, the smaller 32nm process can be credited with the greater efficiency. Anandtech speculates that, cost and battery life benefits aside, this migration will give Apple experience with the 32nm process ahead of implementing it in the next iPhone.