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Apple finally acknowledges OpenStreetMap data use in iPhoto for iOS

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Two months after its introduction, Apple hads given credit to OpenStreetMap for the use of its data in iPhoto for iOS.

iPhoto iPad
iPhoto iPad

Back in March, Apple shifted away from using Google Maps in its iPhoto for iOS map in favor of OpenStreetMap (OSM), the open-source mapping service that relies on the public for edits similarly to Wikipedia. At the time the OpenStreetMap Foundation made a blog post saying that it was "rather pleased" to find that Apple had used OSM data to create map tiles in the latest version of iPhoto for iOS. However, Apple had neglected to give credit to the Foundation's contributors in using the data.

This has now changed, though — as of May 1st, the acknowledgements under iPhoto's settings page now credits "OpenStreetMap contributors," with a link back to the site. Whether there's been an update to the mapping data, some of which dated back to April 2010, hasn't been made clear though. OSM has noted the change, and says that it's "delighted to see another prominent map user make the switch to OpenStreetMap, and look forward to many more."