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Readmill iPad app update brings retina support, redesigned interface, and built-in web browser

A new update for social e-reading app Readmill adds support for retina displays, as well as a slick new interface and a built-in web browser.


Social e-reading app Readmill has received a new update, which streamlines the interface, adds support for the new iPad's retina display, and includes a new built-in browser. According to the team, version 2.0.5 of Readmill is designed to make the app feel like "it's in the background." So you won't find pop-over windows anymore, but instead menus now slide in and out from the sides of the screen. There's also a new rewards screen that shows up when you finish a book for those of us who need a bit of reassurance. You'll be told everything from how long you spent reading the book to how many highlights you made, and if you liked it you can recommend it to friends as a good read. Finally, for those ebooks with links, Readmill now features a browser so that you don't have to leave the app to view websites. The developers say that there are "plenty of hidden features" in the new update as well, and you can try and find them all by downloading the app from the source link below.