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McAfee Antivirus founder accuses Belize police of wrongful imprisonment

McAfee Antivirus founder accuses Belize police of wrongful imprisonment


John McAfee was woken in the early hours of the morning by Belize police frocefully entering his home and arresting his family and security, and is now alleging that he was wrongfully arrested.

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A news report by Channel 5 Belize published earlier this week describes in vivid detail how McAfee Antivirus founder John McAfee faced an early morning raid on his Orange Walk property by the Belize police's Gang Suppression Unit. McAfee claims that the police forced their way into his (unlocked) buildings with sledgehammers, then seized and hid his gun licenses before accusing him of owning the weapons without a license. He says that they then handcuffed him, his family, and his private security guards before leaving them sitting in the sun for 14 hours, as well as shooting his dog in cold blood. Eventually, it took the intervention of the American Embassy to get McAfee released from a Belize police station cell, though he alleges that the police have taken his passport, which they deny.

McAfee suspects that the attack was politically motivated. In 2009 he donated $1.2 million to the Belize coastguard to purchase a new boat, and has donated more than $2 million to police departments across Belize. He says in an interview with News 5 that he was approached by a politician looking for donations to his campaign, and shortly after he declined rumors began to spread that something untoward was happening at his heavily protected house and that he was "probably involved in illegal activities." A spokesman for McAfee Security company told us that John McAfee "is a private individual without any connection to McAfee." He is currently seeking legal advice.