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Some HTC One X AT&T pre-orders arriving early

Some HTC One X AT&T pre-orders arriving early


Reports from our readers and other sources indicate that some AT&T customers are receiving their HTC One X pre-orders ahead of schedule.

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AT&T is set to launch the HTC One X on Sunday in the US, but we've gotten word that at least one of our lucky readers has received an email indicating his pre-order is out for delivery right now. A discussion over at AndroidCentral corroborates this, with a number of users reporting an unexpected visit from UPS. There doesn't seem to be any sort of geographic rhyme or reason to the early arrivals, so we'd recommend anyone who's already forked out the carrier's $199 asking price take another peek at their tracking data. Should it turn out you're not one of the lucky ones, take solace in knowing the wait for what's arguably the best Android device on any carrier is almost over — assuming you haven't been swayed by the competition.

Thanks, mpschumacher!