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Foursquare launches History page, shows you where you've been

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Foursquare launched a new History page on its website, showing you all the places you've checked in using the service.

Foursquare history
Foursquare history

Foursquare's been keeping track of where you go for a while now, and now the company's making it easier to see where you've been, via a new History page on its website. The feature's basically the same as the Check-in history feature of the mobile app, providing a timeline of all the places you've checked in along with any comments or tips you left, or people you were with. You can also search through your check-ins, narrowing them down by name, location, or companions. It's a great way to remember that bar you went to that one time or the beer you liked there, and if you're a power user it's a cool way to see what you've been up to. You can only view your own history, and you have to be logged in to see it, so there shouldn't be any privacy issues with making your whole history accessible in one place. Especially paired with Foursquare's Radar feature, this could be a great way to track where you've been and what you're up to.