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HBO Go and MAX Go updated with Android 4.0 compatibility, still lack tablet support

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HBO has released updates to its HBO Go and MAX Go apps for Android that feature compatibility with version 4.0 of the OS.

HBO Go for Android
HBO Go for Android

Updates released today for HBO Go and MAX Go on Android finally introduce support for version 4.0 of the OS. Prior to this point, the video-on-demand apps had only been compatible with Gingerbread handsets. User reviews at the Google Play Store indicate that Samsung's Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy S II, among other examples, can now stream programming without issue — so long as you've got an HBO and / or Cinemax subscription, anyway.

Unfortunately there's still one major issue that has yet to be resolved: neither app supports playback on Android tablets. That's particularly hard to swallow when you realize that HBO Go and MAX Go have been available to iPad owners for months now. We're hoping HBO will get around to expanding compatibility and thus bring parity to its iOS and Android offerings before long. In the meantime, feel free to watch all the episodes of Girls and Veep you can handle with your ICS phone of choice.