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Glove One: the 3D-printed gauntlet of cellphones

Glove One: the 3D-printed gauntlet of cellphones


Artist Bryan Cera has created a cellphone that you can wear as a glove.

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Artist Bryan Cera's Glove One isn't the first wearable phone we've seen, but it is a beautifully crafted device. Cera designed and manufactured the Glove One using a 3D printer and harvested parts from a wristwatch cellphone. It's a slick-looking, fully functional phone, although we'd have liked to see chorded keyboard-style number input, rather than relying on a second hand to use the device.

There are no plans to commercialize the design, which was created as a commentary on our reliance on cellphones. Cera says it reflects how we "augment ourselves through an ambivalent reliance" on technology, and also represents a "celebration of the freedom we seek in our devices." We'll leave the critique of the artistic integrity of the project to you; Cera plans on further refining the prototype, and will release a full tutorial on how to build the Glove One soon. If you don't want to wait, there are already DIY instructions for other glove phone designs floating around the nether.