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'D&D' co-developer Dave Arneson's 10,000-piece gaming collection going up for auction

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After being abandoned for two years, the personal gaming collection of Dave Arneson is going to be auctioned off on eBay.

Wired | Dave Arneson collection
Wired | Dave Arneson collection

Starting tomorrow you'll be able to own a piece of board gaming history when the first auctions begin for Dungeons & Dragons co-developer Dave Arneson's personal gaming collection. Back in 2005 Arneson was in talks with a company called The Collector's Trove to help sell off his massive collection, but prior to his death in 2009 no deal had been agreed upon. His heirs eventually became overwhelmed with the 10,000 pieces and let them sit in a storage locker where they were eventually auctioned off. The set finally made its way into the hands of The Collector's Trove last year, which will be selling the goods through eBay, with a portion of the proceeds going to Arneson's heirs. The first sale will feature around 200 items — including a 1959 version of Risk and rare wargames signed and played by the man himself. Later auctions will include unpublished game designs, which the company hopes might eventually be published by notable game companies. You can keep an eye on The Collector's Trove's eBay page for the auctions as they go live.