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iBGStar turns your iPhone into an FDA-approved glucose meter for $99.95

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The iBGStar is the first iPhone glucose test meter to gain major distribution through Apple stores and Walgreens.

iBGStar iPhone glucose meter 2
iBGStar iPhone glucose meter 2

There are a lot of iPhone accessories out there, but few are FDA-approved: the iBGStar blood glucose meter is now on sale for $99.95. It's being sold through Apple stores and Walgreens, and attaches to an iPhone or iPod touch via the 30-pin connector to sync glucose levels with the bundled iBGStar Diabetes Manager app. The GlucoDock by Medisana is similar, but it's only available in Europe and it costs a bit more at €99.99, or roughly $130.85.

The IBGStar uses disposable test strips to take blood samples, similar to many other glucose meters. After a few readings have been recorded, the Manager app analyzes the data and gives a readout of statistics, graphs, and trends so that users can make educated decisions about their treatments. You can even send a detailed log of the raw data to your doctor or physician. The IBGStar also does the GlucoDock one better in that it can function independently of an iPhone using its internal battery — data is displayed on its OLED screen, and up to 300 readings can be stored and synced later.