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A brief history of Samsung's audiovisual assaults

A brief history of Samsung's audiovisual assaults


A collection of Samsung promotional music videos through the years.

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After this week's Galaxy S III unveiling, it's clearer than ever that Samsung is not exactly averse to unconventional promotional material. The company has a fairly long history of using music to promote its brand around the world, though, and we thought you might like to take a look at some examples.

First up is K-pop group After School featuring Son Dam-bi with a song called AMOLED, extolling the virtues of Samsung's signature display technology. We don't really understand any of the lyrics beyond the chorus, but it's safe to assume the middle eight is an impassioned defense of the Pentile subpixel arrangement. Fellow K-pop artists Rain and Miss A were also tapped to adorn their music videos with Samsung's Anycall brand.

The company's foreign arms have adopted similar tactics, as well. Check this video out from Samsung Mobile Nigeria, which pairs Banky W and Sasha P for an amazing tune called Me & My Samsung. It's almost impossible to pick a favorite line from this, but if a gun was to our heads we'd have to go with "I'm on course when I'm on my smartphone. Yes, I'm a boss, you should hear my ringtone."

Moving on to Europe, Samsung held an audition to form a group promoting its TicToc MP3 player. Two girls from the UK ended up winning the competition, and the results are below. This video does at least do a better job of explaining the motion-controlled music player's functionality than the S Pebble introduction, with the lyrics imploring you to "shake it" and "turn it up."

Finally, if you've gotta be sharper, faster, and need something different in your life, it would appear that the Samsung Series 5 ultrabook is the answer to all your problems. At least, that's if Korea-based Canadian rapper Chad Kirton is to be believed.

So, what can we learn from all this? Perhaps it's that we shouldn't be too surprised by Samsung's shift to the surreal. If you've been patiently waiting for the Galaxy S III all this time but feel like Samsung broke your heart, it may be reassuring to know that the company has been charmingly unhinged all along.