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'Hot Coffee' turns making coffee into an innuendo-filled adventure

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Dr. Pippin Barr has created a hilarious and filthy follow-up to the infamous "Hot Coffee" mod for Grand Theft Auto, which turns making a cup of coffee into an innuendo-filled adventure.

Hot Coffee
Hot Coffee

The "Hot Coffee" mod for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas infamously allowed players to see just what happened when their girlfriend invited them upstairs for a cup of coffee — and now Dr. Pippin Barr has created a follow-up where you... actually make a cup of coffee. There's nothing graphic about the game at all, with its pixelated visuals and Cooking Mama-style gameplay, but it's so full of innuendo that you'll feel just as dirty playing it as you did loading up the controversial scene in GTA. "Hot Coffee is kind of a 'sex game' that features no sex," Barr explains. Yet somehow the process of boiling water, grinding beans, and adding sugar and milk is strangely sexual — and just wait until you have to plunge the French press. Of course, this all makes for an experience that's as hilarious as it is uncomfortable, and you can give it a shot at the source link below.