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Real-time Facebook 'likes' displayed on Brazilian fashion retailer's clothes racks

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C&A in Brazil has a new initiative called Fashion Like where it displays the Facebook popularity of certain items on their hangers.

fashion like
fashion like

Fashion retailer C&A may be a fading brand in much of Europe, but its Brazilian arm is doing what it can to stay on the pulse of social media. A new initiative called Fashion Like allows people to 'like' certain items of clothing on the company's Facebook page, and these clicks are collated and displayed on the relevant clothes rack in real-time. Customers are thereby able to view the item's online popularity in the real world to help them make their decision.

It's open to debate how valuable this will be to shoppers — we've seen the trivial nature of much that's posted to Facebook, not to mention the dubious fashion sense of certain denizens, and it probably wouldn't be hard to game the data. For terminally indecisive Brazilians, however, this seems like it could be a step forward.