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Nokia 808 PureView hardware pictured in detail at the FCC

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FCC tests offer a detailed glimpse at the Nokia 808 PureView's hardware.

Gallery Photo: Nokia 808 PureView FCC test photos
Gallery Photo: Nokia 808 PureView FCC test photos

Nokia has no intentions of bringing the 808 PureView handset (complete with 41-megapixel sensor) to US shores, but that didn't stop the FCC from putting the device through its standard barrage of tests. It would almost appear that the agency's photographer understood the gravity of the situation, as these are some of the sharpest images we've seen from the FCC in some time. Naturally there's nothing in the way of surprises here, but it's nice to get another tour of this sleek Symbian-powered hardware all the same. We've gotten a decent idea of what the built-in Carl Zeiss shooter is capable of, and the FCC's latest tease has us even more hopeful the same optics will find their way to a Lumia device before long.