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Read this: 'Frankenstein' for iOS is an interactive take on a literary classic

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The 'Frankenstein' iOS app by Dave Morris is an interactive adaptation of Mary Shelley's classic literary work.

Frankenstein for iOS
Frankenstein for iOS

Frankenstein for iOS is a prime example of what Apple's platform can add to a literary classic. Though he largely adheres to the same plot as Mary Shelley's timeless novel, author Dave Morris has taken some liberties with his interactive adaptation — events now unfold in Paris, France rather than Germany, for example. And "interactive" is the key word here. Throughout the six-part story, readers get the chance at almost every page to make decisions that will slightly alter the text that follows. We'd prefer not the spoil the experience, so we'll leave it at that. You're never able to veer too far off track from the ultimate narrative, but that's not the goal here. Rather, it's an engrossing tactic that pulls you into the harrowing tale. The extensive illustration work (optimized for the new iPad's Retina display) and clever UI also play a large part in that effort. Frankenstein's 180MB download will cost you $4.99 in the iTunes App Store and is available now.