Leaked screenshots of BB10 show Nokia's influence


Looks like the folks at TAT (RIM Sweden) are getting some major inspiration from their Finnish foes.

Someone on Crackberry's forums has posted an allegedly (and extremely plausible) set of screenshots showing the major functionality features of BB10. Since these screenshots will likely make their way onto other sites soon anyway, I thought I might as well link to it. The purported screen shots include:

  • Lock screen and cinnamon toast notifications
  • Dialing UI
  • Facebook app
  • Twitter app
  • Music player with DLNA support
  • Jay Cut app
  • Clock

Also, the home screen UX is on display, which takes some very, very blatant cues from my Nokia N9's Harmattan UI as it features an app screen, multitasking screen, and a centralized notifications screen, all in the same order of swiping.
It's also kind of strange that these screen shots would be leaked right after the stock dipped following BBWorld/Jam. Perhaps it was a planned leak by RIM?
Another question: Do you guys think RIM can 'get away' with coming out with a device that takes so many cues from Meego, given that the N9 was never released in North America and relatively few people are aware of its UX?