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Computer glitch recruits 1,200 California residents for jury duty at the same place and time

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A computer glitch at a court in California led to 1,200 residents being summoned for jury duty at the same place and time.

Supreme Court 3 (Verge Stock)
Supreme Court 3 (Verge Stock)

"Jury duty" and "traffic jam" are two terms that, each in their own right, give rise to all sorts of unpleasant feelings. So we can only imagine what was running through the minds of 1,200 California residents who were erroneously summoned to court on the same day and time thanks to a computer glitch at the Placer County court. Traffic flow on Interstate 80 ground to a halt as a result of the mixup, with the gridlock stretching for more than a quarter mile. Court officials haven't specified the root cause of the problem, but were quick to apologize for the inconvenience. That's not to say anyone will be escaping the responsibilities of citizenship: those involved were reminded that a legitimate jury duty request could be headed their way before long.