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Verizon's Droid 3 update improves autofocus and fixes bugs, but isn't Android 4.0

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Verizon is releasing a non-Android 4.0 update to Motorola's Droid 3 handset. The update adds a number of bug fixes and improves auto focus performance.

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A couple of weeks after its Motorola Droid 4 update, Verizon is releasing a 224MB update for the older Droid 3, adding a bunch of bug fixes and a Google Security Patch to the hardware-keyboarded handset. We weren’t big fans of the Droid 3’s camera when we reviewed it last year, so it’s good to see the update also improves autofocus performance; reducing shutter lag and purportedly improving image quality. While the update isn’t Android 4.0, the Droid 3 wasn’t on Verizon’s Ice Cream Sandwich list from March, and was still listed as being "in evaluation and planning" in February — so while it’s a little disappointing, we aren’t exactly surprised. The update, 5.7.906, is available for download from your Droid 3's settings menu.