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Sony adds music player and puzzle game to SmartWatch development kit

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Sony has added two extensions, a music player and a puzzle game, to its Smartwatch SDK, allowing developers to build on them.

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Sony's $149.99 SmartWatch is probably never going to be as exciting as Kickstarter sensation Pebble, but the company is trying to make its SDK more compelling with a couple of new extensions. In its latest release, it's giving developers the ability to build on its music player — which lets users control music on a smartphone from the watch — and a simple tile-sliding puzzle called 8 Game. Both extensions are open source, and Sony hopes that people can use them to add support for custom Android players or presumably build their own games, though we're not sure how exactly one would build off 8 Game.

SmartWatch developers can find instructions for the new extensions on Sony's site, and we're sure watch owners will be glad for anything that spurs more apps. That said, other than easier support for unusual music players, this update doesn't seem to offer many opportunities for meaningful development, nor does it address the limited app selection (especially for sports) that we mentioned in our review.